Mishabook Wedding Photoraphy
                                                                KEY WEST WEDDING

                                                               KEY WEST WEDDING

There is something in here that works like a magenet for merrying couples from all over the world! I was happy to meet this fantastic couple - Kaira from Philippines and Tato from Brazil! Not only they are from far away beautiful countries, but working on the cruise ship give them oportuniy to visit and see a lot of different places in the world and! pick the Key West for their wedding! It means something! I was even more happy since I spent some very aaa.. I would say interesting years working on the ship too , and you really can feel people who live the "ship life"!     You can feel the  forever young spirit of adventure, romantic, fun and rock'n'roll! What else do we need to create some epic wedding photos !? 

We had just couple hours before their returning aboard , so I couldnt show all the beautiful locations here, but we did pretty god walk small and oldest streets to create that famous Key West charm . So no wedding ceremony, no wedding arches, no priest.. Just two loving hearts full of adventures !